To ensure each student receives the attention and space they deserve, Main Street Yoga requires all students to make a reservation for each class they attend.

Class Schedule

Due to a family emergency, we are offering a limited schedule at this time. Thank you for your patience.

Monday -  5:30 pm - All Levels Hatha Yoga                                                

Saturday - 10:00 am - Ecstatic Dance                                                          

-----See Class Descriptions Below-----

Rise and Shine Yoga

On Hiatus

Start your day off right by warming your body up slowly, moving with your breath through a variety of asanas (poses) and strengthening your body at a gentle pace. You will leave class feeling energized, clear-headed and ready for a great day! Appropriate for all levels. 

All Levels Hatha Yoga

Mondays at 5:30 pm

Perfect for beginners and experienced students alike. A mellow flow through traditional yoga asanas (poses) with an emphasis on alignment and instruction. Connect to the basics of classical yoga by incorporating body movement, pranayama (breathing practice), the art of being present, and practicing savasana (relaxation). 

Restorative Yoga

On Hiatus

Perfect for students with injuries, arthritis, chronic conditions or a stressful life but also for any one seeking the benefits of a relaxing, gentle and nourishing practice.  Restorative yoga uses many props and long, releasing poses to improve range of motion and joint mobility, calm the nervous system and reduce pain and the effects of daily stress.  Come and enjoy healing your body!

Mamaste Prenatal Yoga

On Hiatus

Prepare your body and mind for birth, labor and motherhood in this specialized class for pregnant women. No previous yoga experience is required and is open to all women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Read more at Pre-registration is required so contact Lauren at 213-361-3646 for more information.  

Ecstatic Dance

Saturday: 10:00 am

No dance skills required. This meditative movement practice allows your mind and body to transform through the release of blocked energy, inhibited expression and self judgement. Come move freely and discover the power and beauty that resides within you, plus, it's FREE!

Spotlight Yoga Class

1st Sunday of the Month: 2:00 pm


Featuring workshops on a variety of topics, guest teachers, and yoga styles. Each month we will offer a unique class to further your knowledge in the world of yoga and healthy living. See the Special Events page for more details.